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I am quite satisfied with the results. I carefully compared the previous photos with the photos after the treatment. It really changed a lot. The yellow nails are no longer visible and replaced by pure white nails.

- Elias A.

Nail fungus is considered a serious disease, which must be treated fast

Long barefoot walks by the water, high-energy training, relaxing swimming baths… Sounds fun, right? Unfortunately, these blissful activities are also some of the most common ways to catch a fungal infection.

Nail fungus may go unnoticed at first, especially if you have your nails painted. However, if you start seeing white and yellow spots growing under your nail bed, or even worse if your nails start getting hard and fungus spread to other toes, you must seek treatment immediately, as the more nails involved, the harder it gets to treat them.

What Can Put You At Risk For Fungal Infections?

Multiple factors can make people more prone to fungal infections, including:

  • Diabetes, Circulatory Issues & Other Chronic Diseases

  • Skin Or Nail Injuries

  • Walking Barefoot In Wet Areas, Like Swimming Pools, Showers, Locker Rooms

  • Dealing With The Athlete’s Foot Condition

  • Wearing Sweaty Socks For Too Long

  • Wearing Shoes That Fit Snugly & Don’t Allow Your Feet To Breathe 

Leave Your Nail Fungus Problems In The Past In 3 Simple Steps

All you have to do to have your nails healthy again is:


Soften the nails with warm water.


Use the nail file to repair the grooves on the nail surface and remove dirt.


Apply 3-5 drops of the nail repair essence to the infected nails (use it twice a day). You may need to use 3-5 bottles total for optimum results.

Signs That Indicate You May Suffer From A Fungal Condition

As already mentioned, noticing that you suffer from nail fungus is not always easy, especially if the infection is in its early stages. However, numerous symptoms can show that your nails are infected:

  • Foul Odor

  • Thick Nails

  • Yellow, White, Or Brown Spots On Your Nails

  • Peeling, Itching & Burning

  • Lack Of Shine

  • Distorted Nail Shape

  • Brittle/ Crumble Nails

  • Nails Separate From The Nail Bed

If you start noticing any of the above, chances are you are dealing with a nail fungus issue and should get treatment without further delay.

Fight Nail Fungus With A Chemical-Free Treatment

Packed with multiple natural plant ingredients, this nail fungus treatment offers an efficient way to eliminate fungus and bacteria on your toenails while repairing those that are already broken and split. 

Why Choose This Nail Fungus Repair Essence?

  • Quick & Easy-To-Use Solution – Makes A Difference After Only 1 Course

  • Safe, Non-Invasive & Chemical-Free Treatment 

  • Natural Formula – Includes Phellodendron, Stemona Japonica, Radix Arnebiae & Menthol

Protect Yourself From Future Fungus Problems

Prevent fungus from coming back to your nails by implementing the following steps into your daily routine:

  • Wash & Dry Your Feet Carefully

  • Make Sure Your Shoes Fit Well & Are Crafted With Breathable Materials

  • Avoid Wearing Damp Socks Or Wet Shoes For Extended Periods Of Time 

  • Disinfect Nail Clippers & Pedicure Tools 

  • In Case You Face The Athlete’s Foot Condition, Seek Immediate Treatment

Your Ultimate Destination For The Potent Fungus Treatment

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