Career Wardrobe on a Budget
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Career Wardrobe on a Budget

In the workforce, as the job market becomes more competitive, appearances can either make or break you. Yet, many Americans don’t have the money to keep up with their bills, much less update their wardrobe with fashion-forward staples. But looking professional doesn’t have to require a bank loan. It just takes a little clothing-care know-how.

According to a recent national survey sponsored by Woolite, 70 percent of American women surveyed admitted to throwing away clothing at least once a year due to misinformed laundry decisions that resulted in pilling, fading, stretching or bleeding of clothes. In fact, nearly $2 billion worth of clothing was ruined last year due to laundry-related mistakes.

Stacy London, co-host of TLC’s fashion show “What Not to Wear,” offers these tips for the working fashionista looking to maintain her look on a budget:

• First and foremost, take care of the clothes you have. Avoid ruining the clothes you already own by following each garment’s cleaning instructions. Using a non-harsh detergent, like Woolite, on all of your favorite fashions can help to protect your style investments and extend an outfit’s life.

 Shop your closet. A-line skirts and simple cardigans never go out of style, so if you already own a few, stop pushing them to the back of the closet. Combine that A-line skirt with a colorful blouse and a curve-complementing blazer, and you’ll be more than ready for your next presentation.

• Invest in versatile pieces. When you do shop for professional clothing, look for pieces that can be worn in and out of the office. The blazer is an easy flattering transition piece that can be translated from day to night. Find a “little black dress” in three season fabrics to get the most wear all year round.

Having recently partnered with Woolite to create the “Find the Look, Keep the Look” program, London is dedicated to educating clothes-minded individuals on looking their best every day. Ten boutique owners from across the country have also joined this partnership to offer their insight on regional style trends. Together, they created the “Look Book,” a compilation of basic wardrobe must-haves. 

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